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  • E-Commerce

    Let Peekaweb create your e-commerce website!

    E commerce - in other words, business transactions on the Web where all it takes is a click of your mouse button and a flick of your fingers and you are on your way to being the proud owner of anything under the sun!

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  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search engines allow the users to import certain keywords, and once these keywords are submitted all websites containing them appear in the engines directory. SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes web content optimization, use of keywords, and page structure- this way search engine crawlers read websites and determine their search engine rankings.

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  • Website Design

    Peekaweb creates efficient and functional websites

    No more turning customers away when its time to close shop, putting up a note saying closed for public holiday , or leaving an irritating message on your answering service specifying your trading hours tell them to visit your website for information they are looking for.

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  • Web Commercials

    A great way to get personal

    Peekaweb will help you capitalize on one of the most impactful forms of advertising media; video commercials. Our expert team of video producers will guide you through the process, step by step. We'll handle all the work, and watch your business come to life on the screen. Web commercials are not only a great way to impact customers; they're also a great way to get NEW customers!

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Project: World Auto Body Inc.
Info: Create a website to let customers schedule detailing appointments, obtain estimates and schedule estimates appointments online. Facebook integration. Logo creation.
Website: View


Project: Euro Sport Performance
Info: Create a website to showcase work and highlight work experience. Contact forms and dynamic directions online. List specials online. Facebook integration.
Website: View


Project: New England Olive Oil
Info: Online store for specialty products, possibility to offer coupons, sell items. Back end ordering system, stock levels warnings. Facebook integration.
Website: View


Project: Gervais Dance Studio
Info: Register for classes online, check schedules and acquire online payments. Facebook integration. Anti-Spam contact forms.
Website: View


Project: Ifoundhome 
Info: Real estate professional needs a web portal to showcase his skills and provide clients with a up to date website.
Website: View


Project: Ficcb 
Info: Non profit organization with the scope of promoting Italian heritage and culture.
Website: View



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